Five Senses Sanctuary 3-day pass

This three-day pass gives you complete access to all the Five Senses Sanctuary activities over three consecutive days. Choose from a host of wellness classes, workshops and talks across yoga, meditation, sound healing, fitness and more, all led by global experts in their field.

Key Information


Event Dates and Hours
  •  from 19 Oct - 4 Nov. 
  • Opening hours: 7:00 am to 7:30 pm
  • Find the Five Senses Sanctuary here 

Ticket Price

Entry Restrictions
  • Minimum age: 16 years
  • Fitness level: All level
Included with your 3-Day Pass.  
  • Unlimited 3 consecutive days access to all wellness classes, talks, and workshops at Five Senses Sanctuary
  • Pass allows multiple entry into the Sanctuary from 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
  • Complimentary shuttle transfer from Winter Park to Five Senses Sanctuary
What's Included

Access to Five Senses Sanctuary activities over 3 consecutive days.

  • Yoga: With an emphasis on inclusivity, these expert-led classes offer a wide range of yoga styles and class options to ensure everyone can find a practice that suits their needs and preferences, from women-only classes to personalized sessions.
  • Meditation: From guided sessions to breathing awareness classes, Five Senses offers a variety of expert-led meditation experiences for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to go on a journey of inner exploration, connection, and stillness. 
  • Sound Healing: Choose your journey of inner resonance with a choice of Five Senses sound healing experiences. Skilled healers use the medium of sound waves and vibrations to nurture a state of harmony, equilibrium, and self-discovery.
  • Pilates: The slow and deliberate nature of Pilates allows you to fine-tune movements, leading to improved coordination and a heightened mind-body connection. A Five Senses Pilates session also helps destress while boosting core strength and flexibility.
  • Animal Flow: Mimicking the movements of various creatures, animal flow encourages the exploration of your physical capabilities, breaking free from conventional movement patterns, and helps to develop a deeper connection with your body.
  • Journaling: This journaling workshop combines yoga practice with guided journaling exercises, providing participants with a holistic approach to self-discovery and personal growth. Other benefits include improved mindfulness, goal setting, and emotional healing.
  • Full Body Mobility: This class focuses on enhancing overall movement quality and flexibility. Especially useful in reducing the effects of sedentary lifestyles or repetitive activities, it helps improve range of motion, prevent injuries, and promote better coordination.
  • Nutrition Workshops: This workshop is designed to share knowledge and practical skills related to healthy eating. Participants engage in presentations, demonstrations, and discussions to learn about balanced diets, meal planning, mindful eating, and more.
  • POUND® Unplugged: This dynamic 30-minute fitness class blends high-intensity training with breathwork and mindfulness. Participants are guided through a rhythmic journey using exercise drumsticks to synchronizes movements with music to foster engagement and expression.
  • Talks: These motivational and uplifting talks are aimed at promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being. They often feature speakers who share personal stories, insights, and strategies to inspire the audience to make positive changes in their lives.
  • Women's Circles: Women's circles bring women together in a space dedicated to connection, sharing, and empowerment. Focused on meditation, music, talks, and yoga, they create an environment where women can freely express themselves, connect, and support one another.
Know before you go
  • Guests are advised to wear comfortable clothing.
  • While a limited number of yoga mats are available, bringing your own is recommended.
  • Your Day Pass ticket does not include treatment sessions, booking of a treatment session is to be booked separately. 
Getting To The Venue
Guests can arrange their own transportation and be dropped off directly at the entrance location here. 
Or they are invited to take a complimentary shuttle from Winter Park, which leaves every 30 minutes. Winter Park location here


Refund and Exchange Policy

• Changes and refunds are allowed up to three days before the booked date.
• Please note that any bank credit card charges cannot be refunded.
• Changes regarding dates or times can only be made up to one day before the booked date and are subject to availability.
• No refunds or changes are allowed on the day of the event.
• Please contact our team at +966 920 025 003 or send a refund request using the contact us form.
• If you booked your ticket through a third party, please coordinate with them on policies, changes, and updates.